FDA Compliance Statement and Legal/Liability Info


So that I remain in good standing with the FDA, the DEA, and the United States Federal Government, I need to clarify a few things about my business and products. From here on out, Josh's Rare Herbs will be referred to as "JRH"

No products produced or sold by JRH are to be considered medicines or drugs. The United States Federal Drug Administration has NOT approved any product or claim made by JRH as being for the purpose of treating, curing, diagnosis, or prevention of any disease, ailment, or health malady. All products produced and sold by JRH are dietary supplements only, and are intended to be a part of a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, as "lifestyle enhancement" products. All claims of potential benefits from the use of JRH's products are based upon Limited Scientific Research, Anecdotal Evidence, Personal Opinions of Joshua Porch and Others, and Historical/Ethnobotanical information. Many people experience a variety of benefits or symptom relief from the use of JRH's products or their active ingredients, but that does not mean that these products have been proven by the FDA to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any health problem. 

Also, while all products produced and sold by JRH are intended to hopefully make the consumer feel good, they are not promoted nor sold as "legal highs" or substitutes for any illegal or prescription drug. Some of the products produced and sold by JRH may cause impairment or make the user unfit to drive or operate heavy machinery for a certain amount of time. Some of JRH's products may also cause mild euphoria but none of JRH's products are capable of producing the kinds of dangerous deleterious effects that have been caused by synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic opioids, designer stimulants, or any other illegal drug or quasi-legal Research Chemical, AS LONG AS consumers of JRH's products do not exceed the recommended serving size, which can be found either on the product packaging or on an info sheet which is included with the product package when it is shipped to the customer. 

JRH is NOT liable for any damages or harm which may arise from the use of it's products. All customers must be 18 years of age or older, and all customers should consult with a doctor, pharmacist, or other trained medical practitioner prior to use of any of JRH's products, especially if the customer is taking other OTC, prescription, or illicit drugs. Some of JRH's products could potentially cause an allergic reaction in some people, though this is highly unlikely. JRH's products may interact with other medications or supplements, and there is no way for JRH to know for certain what those interactions might be. Only a trained medical professional or pharmacist who is educated in the pharmacology of both synthetic AND naturally occurring drugs/supplements can give you the best possible information on potential interactions. A packet giving a brief overview of the known pharmacological actions of each ingredient used in JRH's products can be supplied upon request if a medical professional who is advising a JRH customer would find such a guide helpful in making a proper assessment. 

Due to the nature of JRH's products, all sales are final. IF, by some rare chance, a hair or bug, or some piece of foreign material was found in any product a customer receives from JRH, they could notify me (Joshua Porch) and I would send them a replacement or another product of equal or greater value as a consolation. However, if people abuse this offer by intentionally staging fake problems to get additional free product, this policy will be revoked until further notice.